Good governance in education policy, a task for all

The governance of education systems is one of the key issues for quality education. The European Report on Quality of Education drafted in May 2000 by the European Commission, says that:

“it appears as (...) a priority a greater participation of stakeholders, social partners and civil society”.

It also considers that parental involvement is an indicator of quality.

Similarly, UNESCO and UNICEF advocate that:

«the right to education can be realized only in a political and economic context that recognizes the importance of transparent, participatory and accountable processes, as well as a broad-based collaboration, in all sectors of government and society in general.

This right needs along-term strategic commitment to provide adequate resources, create cross structures, bring together energies and capacities from parents and local communities, and build partnerships with non-governmental organizations» (UNICEF/UNESCO, An approach to education for all based on human rights, 2008).